Nonprofit Organizations

Technology dependency dramatically increased and the pandemic accelerated the need for education to provide remote and virtual teaching, learning and services. To be competitive and connect with benefactors, donors and other constituents all organizations must have email, file sharing, and IT security. Technology streamlines nonprofit workflows and creates efficiencies in the face of decreasing budgets, escalating costs and layoffs. Technology helps nonprofits communicate, operate campaigns and reach the audiences they want to serve and support. Technology is accessible and affordable for nonprofits. Budget, internal expertise and legacy systems can be overcome by connecting with the right EdTech partner or collaborating with other nonprofit organizations.


Campus Consortium supports nonprofit organizations by solving problems and meeting challenges:

  • IT Security and Compliance: Access to assessments and advising for processes and controls, organizational infrastructure and workforce skills to protect and secure data and information.
  • Assistance with finding optimal vendors and partners to help organizations with digital transformation to improve operational efficiency, agility, and workforce development
  • Digital fluency empowers employees and volunteers to leverage the benefits of technology achieve optimal creativity, equity and innovation.
  • Achievable and accessible digitization and digital transformation provides organizations with manageable and affordable user-centric and equity-minded systems, services and infrastructure.
  • Balancing online and on-ground teaching, learning and working environments. Develop the optimal ratio so institutions so they can blend physical and digital work spaces.
  • Benefactor and donor needs and expectations have changed and the expect contemporary and relevant methods of communication and work processes.
  • We help organizations reimagine mission, vision, goals and objectives in the face of cultural and pandemic influenced changes.
  • Preparation for disaster or unplanned events. How to prepare, manage and recover from interrupted work flows and business processes. Accessible solutions for high availability, cloud based systems and services and rapid recovery.
  • Affordable innovation. Support organizations to access and afford technology required to ensure the organization advances into the future.

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