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Many educational institutions report that they cannot sustain campus operations with legacy practices. CIOs, CFOs and Presidents are rethinking infrastructure and service to meet student expectations, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk. CIOs struggle to find expertise and funds to support the education sector’s increasing dependency on technology.
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Operational Efficiency
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Cost Efficiency - Reduce Risk - Improve Service: Augment IT with Consortium MSPs

Outsourcing to an MSP lightens the overall load on an organization’s internal IT team, enabling them to focus on core business tasks rather than routine maintenance. Hiring, onboarding, and supervising an internal IT staff can consume substantial organizational resources. By augmenting IT with network, system or security services, employees can provide personal support to the campus community while managed services providers optimize monitoring, maintenance, response, and mitigation.

Campus Consortium Foundation partners with EdTech vendors to provide access and affordability. Some vendors provide members with immediate access and deep discounts based on the volume of members who use their services. CCF can advise you on MSP vendors exclusively dedicated to education. CCFs mission is to help your institution find the right blend of services with the right MSP. Contact us today to gain the benefits below.

Augment IT with Consortium MSPs
  • Cybersecurity
Cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and constantly evolving. Ensuring a campus IT infrastructure is secure is critical. Access to trained and certified cybersecurity experts, technicians and tools is one of the most powerful benefits of managed services. This proactive and preventative approach ensures vulnerabilities are identified and addressed before they can negatively impact the institution.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
MSPs provide around the clock monitoring and on-demand support to resolve technical difficulties and incidents decreasing the risk of costly downtime and data loss. Many IT departments are dependent on employees who work limited hours or shifts but MSPs provide 24/7 proactive and preventative support with the ability to resolve issues before they escalate into major problems.
  • Operational Efficiency
Augmenting IT with a managed service provider leads to improved operational efficiency within an institution. MSPs help institutions optimize business processes, procedures and workflows resulting in improved productivity and efficiency. Services and issues can be resolved more quickly, minimizing disruption to daily tasks, and allocating employees and resources more effectively, focusing on core business activities.
  • Risk Management and Compliance
The education sector is subject to a range of data security regulations and requirements that must be met to ensure compliance. MSPs can help institutions understand and meet requirements, ensuring IT systems and business processes adhere to industry standards and best practices avoiding potential fines, penalties, or damage to reputation.
  • Expertise
A common concern of IT leaders is the ability to hire qualified employees with limited budgets. This creates gaps in service, support and problem solving. MSPs provide access to a team of staff with diverse skill sets and expertise to meet education’s unique requirements. These teams stay updated on technology trends, compliance, and best practices. Engaging the expertise of an MSP provides innovative solutions and helps institutions stay competitive in an ever-changing education digital landscape.
  • Scalability and Flexibility
Educational institutions can scale IT infrastructure as they develop and grow, avoiding significant investments to change the IT department. MSPs quickly adapt to an institution’s changing needs by adding or reducing services as required. This flexibility allows an institution to remain agile and responsive.
  • Cost Efficiency
A significant benefit of augmenting IT departments with managed IT services is cost-efficiency and savings. Hiring and training on campus IT staff can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized educational institutions. By strategically outsourcing routine and backend IT operations, schools can reduce labor costs and improve service by focusing on employees on the campus community.

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"Campus Consortium Foundation was valuable in helping us find and affordable student engagement solution and communicate with a fabulous EdTech partner."

Dr. Torie Jackson
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
West Virginia University at Parkersburg


"Working with Campus Consortium Foundation is streamlined, simple and the communication was fantastic"

Anthony K. Wintera
Director of Network Services
Calumet College of Saint Joseph


"Campus Consortium Foundation was valuable in helping us find its EdTech vendor who provided Single Sign-On, Password Manager, Adaptive Authentication, Mobile App and Automated Provisioning Software and reduced total cost of software and services."

Jake Fowler
Director of Campus Technology
Kansas City Art Institute

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