Online Higher Education Cybersecurity Conference

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Cybersecurity For Higher Education

  • Cybersecurity experts and speakers
  • Higher Education institution attendees and presenters 
  • Knowledge sharing and affordable solutions
  • Cybersecurity vendor expo meet and greet
  • Higher Education Case Studies and Best Practices
About The Conference

Welcome to the Annual Cybersecurity Conference for Higher Educational Institutions! This event is designed to meet the unique cybersecurity needs of academic institutions.

Our conference brings together industry experts, leading academics, and cybersecurity professionals to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and preparedness in the face of evolving cyber threats.

With a focus on higher education, our conference aims to enhance cybersecurity awareness, knowledge, and practices among attendees. Through interactive sessions, expert presentations, and hands-on workshops, we provide valuable insight, practical strategies, and best practices tailored for the academic environment.

Online Higher Education Cybersecurity Conference - Campus Consortium Foundation

Keynote Speaker


Sunny Notani

Special Agent,
United States Secret Service

Sunny Notani is a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service who frequently speaks on the important topics of identity theft, internet fraud and cybersecurity for educational institutions. SA Notani leads investigations of high profile cyber and electronic crimes and specializes in Financial Institution Fraud, Network Intrusions, and Social Engineering. SA Notani served in the USSS New York Field Office and was assigned to the Vice-Presidential Protection Detail for VP Joseph Biden.


Joe Torrieri

Director of Information Technology
Franklin Institute

Leonard Nelson, CCSP, CISA

Chief Information Security Officer Villanova University


Cybersecurity Services Rubin Brown, LLC Former CISO University of Denver

Isaac Abbs

Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT
CIO Pima Community College

Javier Gonzalez, CISSP, CISA

Chief Information Security Officer
SecureX Higher Education

Rochelle Newton, EdD,EMPA,PMP

Former IT Leader Duke University


Director Network Connectivity and Monitoring CSL Former Assistant Director Network Security – Temple University

Suzanne Elhorr, CIAM

Risk Manager
American University of Beirut

Dieter Schuller

Entrepreneur and Technology Business Leader Identity and Access Management

Brian Cornell, SSGB, ITIL, CIPP

Chief Information Officer OculusIT – Higher Education Former CIO/CISO Elmira College

09:00 am to 9:20 am
Opening Session

• Welcome and Introduction

9:20 am to 10:00 am
Keynote Address

• How global cybersecurity threats impact education.

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

• Higher Education Risk and Information Systems Control
• Managed Services and Cybersecurity
• Reducing Cybersecurity Risk
• Higher Education Cybersecurity Controls and Policies
• Identity, Access and Cybersecurity

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

• Empowering Diversity: The Path to Becoming a Sponsor for Inclusive and Successful Cybersecurity Careers
• Higher Ed Cybersecurity Strategies
• Cybersecurity and Diversity
• The First 90 days as a CISO in Higher Education

1:30 pm to 2:10 pm
Panel Discussion

• Higher Education Cybersecurity Exchange
Closing Remarks and resources

2:10 pm to 2:30 pm
Interactive Session

• Higher Ed Only Networking
• Vendor Meet and Greet
• Higher Education Cybersecurity Practices

Why Attend

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats:

Gain insights into the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
Proactively strengthen defenses against evolving risks.

Enhance Security Awareness and Education:

Educate faculty, staff, and students about cybersecurity best practices.
Foster a culture of security and informed decision-making.

Network with Peers and Experts:

Connect with industry experts and cybersecurity professionals. knowledge, experiences, and collaborate on cybersecurity initiatives.

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Solutions:

Discover innovative cybersecurity tools, solutions, and services.
Interact with vendors and evaluate potential security products.

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